2014 Annual Spring Run


The Muskegon Motorcycle Club is proud to present the 94rd Annual Spring Run. For the uninitiated, the run attracts over 1000 riders that gather at our Mt. Garfield Club property located at 5803 Lake Harbor Rd, Muskegon, MI 49441.

The gates open Sunday May 4th, 2014 at 8am and riders begin to arrive from distances far and near. Friendships are made and renewed with everyone sharing a passion for the iron horse. Venders offer food and apparel, commemorative Spring Run pins are also available.

The actual run begins at 11am, or 11:30 if the weather is poor.  When the motorcycles leave the club, a continual line of motorcycles goes on for what seems like miles. The route is published in advance and lined with people that appreciate the thunderous-rumble and sites of this ground-shaking event, often taking pictures and videos.

The run is miles long and meanders through scenic areas; most intersections are blocked from other traffic to keep the bikes flowing along. The run ends at a gathering place where food and beverages are available, not to mention a very large informal bike show.


New 2014 rates for Bridgeton

Dear MMC Members and customers,

Muskegon Motorcycle club has made a decision for our business. We lowered our price to get in the gate for the event weekends back when the economy took a bad turn to help you and your families out. We hate to do this, but due to our business just like everyone else. We need to be able to operate for the events.

We have decided to raise our prices at the gate for Bridgeton. This helps pay for the up keep and things like Portable bathrooms, dumpsters, etc. Please keep reading.

Friday thru Sunday $30.00 $20.00 $25.00
Saturday thru Sunday $25.00 $15.00 $20.00
Sunday $20.00 $10.00 $15.00

As you see we only raised them by $5.00 a day. We hope this will not detour you from coming out and enjoying our events next season.

We would love to see everyone and more again next season.

Thank you to all who have come out and watched our events.

Shelli Jacobs
Muskegon Motorcycle Club


What's in the Barn - Muskegon!



If you watch the series "What's in the barn", you'll occasionally see a conversation take place in front of a pile of sand. On top of that pile is a sign that says "Muskegon Hillclimb".  It's like we are the center piece to the museum.

In one of the episodes Tom Rieser sells one of his pro hillclimbers to the running museum, worth watching!



Winner Announced!

The winner of the 2013 Raffle Motorcycle is Wayne Schalk. He bought his ticket at the Cadillac swap meet. Pictures of the motorcycle being presented to follow.


Muskegon Motorcycle Club


In 1919 Dan D. Raymond opened the Raymond Motor & Cycle Company on Ottawa Street in Muskegon. Raymond organized the Muskegon Motorcycle Club in 1920 and in 1921 leased a nearby sand dune, Mount Garfield, for a motorcycle hill climb.

The Muskegon Motorcycle Club purchased the forty-acre site that included Mount Garfield in 1923, the same year that over 3,000 spectators attended the climb. The club also purchased a farmhouse, which was converted into a clubhouse and improved the hill with wooden steps, an observation tower, and clay surfacing.

The Muskegon Motorcycle Club received the National Championship Hill Climb award from the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) in 1929. Though the Great Depression curtailed participation in the popular climb, by 1939 the AMA once again decided to hold a national hill climb event at Mount Garfield. For the event, a concrete staircase with the name of a sponsor etched in each of the three hundred and thirteen stair slabs was installed. Mount Garfield is the site of the first professional hill climb in America. The climb was suspended during World War II but was resumed in 1946. A stone monument to the members of the Muskegon Motorcycle Club that died in World War II was erected at the entrance of the Mount Garfield grounds in 1949. 

The Muskegon Motorcycle Club still hosts the National Hill Climb Competition held at Mt Garfield every other August on even numberd years. The next National Hill Climb is scheduled for 2014.

The club purchased nearly 200 acres in Bridgeton Michigan and named the park in honor of the club's founder. Dan Raymond Park is host to many motorcyle events throughout the year and features a hillclimb so steep it is named "The Wall". The park also features a newly renovated dirt dragstrip complete with lighting in 2013. The club host several multi-day events and offers rustic camping sites that are quite popular. 

The club also organizes many other fun events such as TT scrambles, dirt drags, field events, motocross, trials, ice races, burn-out pits and more.

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Days until Spring Run

Days until Spring Run 05.04.2014 11:00 16 Days

2013 Sponsors

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Unique Helmet Contest!

Unique Helmet Contest

Think you got an Unique helmet? Bring it to any of our public events and show it off at our Unique helmet contest, held during intermission. Winner gets 2 free passes to the next scheduled hill climb event.